The Endless Cycle of Improvement

Modifying vehicles can be a lifelong addiction for many reasons, one of which is the endless possibility for improvement; improvement of your vehicle(s), your skills, and knowledge. Modern vehicles are sufficiently complex that you can spend a lifetime working towards

Subaru EJ vs. DIT engines: Critical Changes in Knock Control

Subaru’s new DIT (direct injected turbocharged) engines have replaced Subaru’s aged EJ series which have been found in Impreza, Forester and Legacy models since the 1990’s. While many things have changed, some appear the same. The knock control related functions

E85 Ethanol In a Non Flex Fuel Vehicle – Pros, Cons, Concerns

E85 fuel is an ethanol gasoline blend which offers performance advantages at drastically lower cost than race fuel. This attractive combination has taken the performance industry by storm. There are many articles about its basic properties. Rather than rehashing that,